The Code College Initiative is designed to address the building and energy code and building science training needs of the building industry, including code officials, state agencies, builders, and trade groups across the nation. Code College presents objective, industry-sponsored online training from national experts that brings the audience to the field with our “online jobsite” approach available 24/7 for the ultimate convenience of the building professional.

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Advertising on the Code College Network
Want to reach 1000’s of people in the construction industry with information about your product? BCAP’s Cosimina Panetti explains the concept behind the code college network and highlights the many reasons why product manufacturers and industry professionals should take advantage of this exceptional marketing venue. Double click on the video for a full scene version of this 3 minute video.

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What You'll Learn at Code College
Don’t have time for class room training? Learn how the code college network is the next best thing to hands on training. Numerous short, concise videos take you right to the construction site with industry experts demonstrating construction techniques in areas such as building envelope, HVAC, water heating, renewables energy systems and much more. BCAP’s Cosimina Panetti explains the code college network and the benefits of utilizing the code college network as an educational tool in this 3 minute video. Double click on the video for a full scene version.

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Joining as a State Member
BCAP’s Cosimina Panetti explains why your state or organization should participate in the code college network. Code college network was developed to address the underfunded training needs of the construction industry. Join the many states that are already participating in this cost effective online training approach. Double click on the video for a full scene version of this 3 minute video.

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Why We Have Energy Codes
BCAP’s Cosimina Panetti highlights the many benefits of energy efficiency and energy efficient building codes in this 7 minute video. From the history of building codes in the US, to the adoption of the energy code in “home rule” states, learn why energy codes should be part of any public policy strategy that deals with increasing energy efficiency and improving the environment. Double click on the video for the full scene version.

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HOUSEWRAPS: View an example video training module here

Housewrap Overview

thumbnail In this video we investigate where leaks can cause energy losses, how air barriers work and demonstrates why properly installed housewraps can help prevent this. Steve Easley goes over the reasons for, and the need to create, an air barrier and the benefits in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

Installing Air Barriers

thumbnail When properly installed, a housewrap can serve as both and effective air and serve as the home's weather resistive barrier. Steve Easley and product specialist Dean Whitehead go over the proper installation of a homewrap.


thumbnail Steve and product specialist Kay Demey talk about the importance of flashing wall openings like windows and doors and integrating these elements into a properly installed housewrap system.


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